Connecting Ordinary People

Our Mission

Co-OP is a Pittsburgh-based community initiative that presents factual scientific information to engage key stakeholder groups in professional fields such as engineering, industry, and government.  Local, interdisciplinary experts comprise forum panels and are trained to communicate their expertise in a clear, comprehensive manner. Co-OP's goal is to educate and inform environmentally sound and socially conscious decision making in the Pittsburgh community. 


Who We Are

Co-OP: Connecting Ordinary People is an organization founded and operated for the future, during the present. Our network spans every age group, demographic, socioeconomic group, and community stakeholder within the city of Pittsburgh. We are currently expanding our network and want you to be part of it.


What We Do

C0-OP seeks to redefine how scientific research, facts, and jargon are communicated to the public at large. One of the largest barriers to scientific literacy is the way experts communicate their impressive, technical work. We train our speakers to translate the complexities of their work to clear and accessible dialogue fit for the lab, the boardroom, or even the local coffee shop.

Want to be part of our upcoming events? We are always looking for engaging speakers, enthusiastic attendees, and forum event volunteers. Contact us here.